Recent Films


One Simple Solution

Documentary for Discovery Networks and UNDP about access to energy Flip a switch, plug in a cord, push a button...the power of electricity is a given in the modern world, but … More


Himalayan Meltdown

Implications of Global Climate Change Illustrated in Broadcast Documentary for Discovery Asia The people of Asia face an uncertain future. Himalayan climate change is melting … More


When I Have Your Wounded

It's a mission like no other – flying unarmed helicopters into the teeth of battle to save the lives of the wounded in war. From the legendary pioneers of Army MEDEVAC in Korea and … More


Access to Energy

PSA for Access to Clean, Affordable Energy This public service announcement for the United Nations Development Programme highlights the importance of access to clean energy … More


Mission: Planet Detox

Documentary for the Global Environment Facility about ridding the planet of toxic chemicals In May, 2013 Arrowhead produced Planet Detox, a half-hour film that highlighted the … More


Saving Our Tuna

Documentary for Discovery's Inside Out series More than 4.5 million tons of tuna are caught each year as part of a $5 billion industry that is an economic lifeline for Pacific … More