Himalayan Meltdown

Implications of Global Climate Change Illustrated in Broadcast Documentary for Discovery Asia

The people of Asia face an uncertain future. Himalayan climate change is melting the mountains’ great glaciers. Forty percent of the world’s fresh water supply is slowly disappearing. Catastrophic flooding and unpredictable weather patterns downstream threaten entire villages. But from Nepal to the Tibetan Plateau… from Bhutan to India and the Bay of Bengal, the Asian people are answering the call. They are harnessing determination, spirituality, and science to adapt and survive in the face of a Himalayan meltdown. This one hour documentary feature was produced for Discovery Asia as part of its “Revealed” Series.

Arrowhead Films traveled to remote regions of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh to capture unique stories of the ingenuity, hard work and  resourcefulness of local people on the frontlines of the Himalayan meltdown, including a man who has engineered human-created glaciers to capture meltwater for his people’s farms, and a high-altitude race against time to prevent a devastating glacial outburst flood (GLOF) in Bhutan.

Himalayan Meltdown is now on air in Asia.